Electronic Cigarette Glossary

Analog Cigarettes
used to refer to "old fashioned" cigarettes.

Action on Smoking and Health. Along with their allies, the American Stop Smoking Society, the organization opposes the electronic cigarette. However, ASH UK cautiously supports the device, as ASH New Zealand.

Atomiser (US: Atomizer)
an electronic component that turns the nicotine solution contained within the e-cigarette into vapor.

Bat, or Battery
The piece of the device that houses the electrical source, circuits, LED, and switch. Usually, a Li-Ion cell providing 3.7v. 

Cartomiser (US: Cartomizer)
A combined cartridge and disposable atomizer. Sometimes used to refer to a disposable electronic cigarette. 

Cartridge, or Cart
The disposable piece of the device which houses the fluid in a wicking agent, delivering it to the atomizer. 

Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA.org). The non-profit organization campaigning on the behalf of electronic cigarette users.

Cut-off or automatic shutdown is a feature which happens if you try to take too long drags from an e-cigarette. This usually happens after a 5-8 second drag. This will prevent the atomizer from overheating. Flashing LED usually indicates this feature. Not all models have this feature.

Dipping is a method of adding e-liquid into an atomizer. This can only be done with atomizers that have an exposed wick. The wick is moistened by dipping it into a small amount of e-liquid. After this, you can use the e-cigarette without a cartridge for a short period of time.

Disposable E-Cigarette
designed to be thrown away after its e-juice has dried up.

Dripping or Direct dripping is dipping in reverse. You'll moisten the atomizer wick by dropping a few drops of e-liquid directly into the atomizer. This is best done into a recessed atomizer but also works with exposed atomizers. After this, you can use the e-cigarette without a cartridge for a short period of time.

Dry Smoking
Done when atomiser is flooded with a solution. Remove mouthpiece, take out the cartridge, replace mouthpiece and inhale. Be very careful to avoid damaging the atomiser by overheating it.

The Electronic Cigarette Association: An American industry association set up both represent the interests of and enforce certain standards on members.

See Electronic Cigarette above or electro-fag for example of usage.

Electronic Cigar
similar to the electronic cigarette (see below) but with a cigar style and flavor.

Electronic Cigarette
a cigarette where an atomizer vaporizes the nicotine which is then inhaled as vapor as compared to the smoke normally inhaled. Also known as the E-Cigarette, the E-Cig, and even the E-Ciggy. 

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits
Complete kits which normally contain batteries, atomisers, chargers, a manual and cartridges. 

Nicotine liquid, also known as e-liquid or e-juice, is a liquid mixture for the electric cigarette. Nicotine liquid comes in a variety of flavors and a few basic nicotine levels.

if you have read the other two you can probably work out what an E-Pipe is.

smoking with an electronic cigarette.

occurs when there is too much e-juice in the atomiser.

The light at the end of the cigarette. This lights up when the user inhales, resembling an analog. Depending on the model, the LED may convey information to the user about the battery, i.e. be flashing when the battery is running out or glowing green to show it is fully charged.

smaller than the average e-cigarette, the mini-cigarette is actually the same size as the average e-cigarette.

Name for an electronic cigarette which has been modified into a unique design.

replaces the butt of an analog.

Passthrough (noun)
A device that plugs into a powered USB port on one end and screws into an atomizer on the other. Lets smokers use their electronic cigarettes without a battery.

Penstyle (noun)
A type of electronic cigarette that resembles a ballpoint pen.

Personal Vaporizer
A alternative name for the electronic cigarette.

Primer (noun)
A liquid that manufacturers use to protect the atomizers during shipment. It has an unpleasant taste.

Propylene Glycol
A colorless liquid that forms the majority of the solution in the Electronic Cigarette. The liquid has been extensively tested for safety - see Propylene Glycol for more information.

Ruyan Cigarette
the original electronic cigarette - usually has a colored tip.

another phrase for E-juice.

actually nothing to with an e-cigarette, but we liked the name. Snus is the Swedish version of snuff. Since Snus was taken up in Sweden, lung cancer rates in the country have dropped to the lowest in Europe.

A type of electronic cigarette that closely resembles an analog cigarette in shape and size.

Tobacco Harm Reduction. Much of the scientific support for the electronic cigarette has come from scientists involved in tobacco harm reduction.

Throat Kick/ Throat Hit
the definition seems to vary according to the e-smoker, but essentially the feeling when the vapor hits your throat. Positive reviews of electronic cigarettes often mention a good "Throat kick."

topping up a cartridge with e-juice. Also known as topping off.

to inhale vapour an electronic cigarette.

A person who vapes (uses an electronic cigarette).

the habit/pastime of using electronic cigarettes.

Vegetable Glycerine: Vegetable glycerine is a clear, colorless, odorless but very sweet liquid used as an alternative to propylene glycol by vapers who mix their own liquid. Some vapers maintain it increases vapor production.

A small piece of fabric or cotton which is found in the cartridge, and which holds the e-juice.

to exhale vapor from an e-cigarette.