About Us

DripTips.Top is a Factory based Online Distribute Wholesale Channel for Drip tips, we can supply drip tips with custom packaging service to vape smoke shop owners, wholesalers, and distributors. Our parent company is the most well-known original drip tips factory in China. 

The Reason why we create this online store?

In the past, most of the orders were accepted and finished off-line. Customers got catalogs from us and tell us what kind of items they need, then our sales guys handled orders via email, telephone. However, the problems came up, many clients thought that it's not efficient to view nearly a thousand of different drip tips and make a quick but right choice.

So there comes an idea of creating an online-wholesale channel for e-cigs/vape wholesalers. Now buyers can finish orders online with the best prices.


Take a glance at our factory

Ubadoo workplace

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About UsAbout UsAbout UsAbout Us